Water Pipe

Technology-Enclosed warm water pipe

1. Room-heating method and pparatus of electric warm water heating
2. Method to insert coated electric heating wire into the warm-water pipe and the apparatus
3. Closing unit of the edge of the warm-water pipe having wire in it
4. Exhausting unit of the warm-water pipe having electric heating wire in it
5. Safety pin of the closed edge of electric heating warm-water pipe

Technology-C.YES floor cooling

CYES Floor Cooling/Heating Dry Panel was developed for possession of healthy competitiveness through internal advancement, development of environment-friendly technology for building floors, and improvement of energy saving efficiency and is the world's smallest energy consuming and high heat-efficient floor cooling/heating system that was patented in the country for 9 items and was patented in 15 countries for the acceptance of newness, advancement, safety, environment-friendliness, energy saving, construction expense saving, and construction period saving.

Enclosed Warm Water Pipe

The warm water and vapor heating method in the mortar without circulation of warm water mzximized the heat efficiency. The economical floor heating system using common electric power to supply the minimum required heat with no heat loss saves the heating cost by 75% in case of common oil, 50% in case of city gas, and 14% in case of midnight electric power. As the system is installed to consume 19W/M of power, power consumption does not exceed 19W/M even the failure of temperature controller.

Heating Dry Panel

1. Light Weight
Reduction of building weight with reduced load and saving of construction expenses.
2. Slim structuere
Slim noise reduction structure resulting in reduced story height and construction expenses
3. Noise reduction system between stories.
The noise reduction and shock-absorption may be inserted in the support holes that are structure-mechanically arranged on the insulator and sound-absorption layer with no use of support-anchoring device.

CEO Greeting

The company developed the heating method using plural number of heating cables in the XL pipe for warm water for the first time in the world through more than 10 years of study and this technology was recognized through the invention patents in 8 countries (Korea, USA, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Russia, China, and Canada). Since the official designation of NEP #1 by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy in 2006, the company received the certificate of "Prior Purchase of Excellent Invention" from the Public Procurement Service in the same year, received the award of "New-Technology Commercialization Enterprise "from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy in November, and acquired INNO-BIZ Certification (AA Grade); the product has positioned as a product that is accepted by the government for national energy saving policy. Also, the company developed CYes Dry Heat-Storage Room-Heating Panel to possess healthy competitiveness through globalization and advancement, develop environment-friendly technology for building part, and improve the performance and invention patent was applied in 15 countries; this is a floor cooling/heating system (Ondol) that has the smallest energy consumption with high heat efficiency in the world.
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